Obama not ready?

January 14, 2008

How about the Clintons?

Written in 1994 by Paul Starr

“The lesson for next time in health reform is faster, smaller. We made the error of trying to do too much at once, took too long, and ended up achieving nothing. Oh, yes, I was thrilled when President Clinton waved his pen before Congress and threatened to veto anything less than universal coverage. Like many others who supported reform, I failed to appreciate the risk of losing everything. We were too confident that reform was inevitable, just as some are now too certain that defeat was inevitable. Strategy and speed matter in politics as in sports. But, in both, new seasons bring new lineups and new opportunities. Health care will remain in the center of our politics for a long time to come.”

Contrast this with Obama, who has been reaching across to the other side of the isle since his law school days. Did anyone read the article on him in Newsweek called “The Incremental Revolutionary”? Perhaps the Clintons are more willing to compromise now, but that’s only after this previous failure. And… does anyone on the Republican side really like Hillary enough to want to work through the tough problems with her?