I know this is a little late to be making this prediction with any expectation of impressing people when it turns out to be correct, but I thought this from the beginning anyway, so I’m going to say it: Bittergate is where Barack Obama pulls ahead from both McCain and Clinton. From The Daily Dish:

Some evidence that this issue could actually help Obama: check out this poll of respondents to the bitter flap before and after they watch Obama’s own self-defense. He’s the first Democrat I’ve seen in a long time who doesn’t respond to this kind of attack with a defensive crouch. Because he’s confident that the underlying facts and arguments will help him make his case. The critical issue for the fall will be how Independents respond to classic Rove-Clinton tactics like this. So far, they’re not biting as predicted.

My advice for Obama: seize this some more.

I agree with Sullivan that Obama should clench his fists and dig in a little more. After viewing the reactions by McCain and Clinton and then the response by Obama, there was a clear gap in authenticity between Obama and the other two contenders.