Mac Daddy World appears to have discovered something interesting with Apple’s camera.

 Namely, that the built-in iSight camera resolution has quadrupled to 1.3 MP. They also note that the manufacturer is no longer listed as Micron, but as Apple. MDW: “I’m guessing they’re still using a Micron sensor.  A few sources have indicated that the iPhone will also use a Micron sensor for its camera.” Is there any reason Apple would  change  the maker? Perhaps Apple did this thing themselves? Didn’t Jobs say that the original built-in iSight was engineered by Apple (but perhaps built by somebody else)? Is Apple making it’s own cameras now?

 I’ll make an early prediction for iPhone 2.0. When people start realizing just how convenient it is to email people from the iPhone, they are going to be able to leave their camera behind. That means a much improved camera for iPhone 2.0.


Very Exciting (again)

January 10, 2007

Man, Macworld again. This is very exciting. We’re minutes away from hearing about stuff!

Jobs’ family in the audience though according to Engadget. That’s kind of scary. I hope he doesn’t retire…


Wow, was that as good as sex to the power of Christmas morning or what?!?!